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Welcome to Mundelein Cooperative Preschool!

October is a fun month at MCP, and it is not too late to join in! Please call the school to check availability and schedule a tour of our wonderful facility! We know how young children learn and have developed a curriculum that readies your child from head to toe for elementary school. 


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Call 847-949-1899 for more information: 21064 West Highway 176, Mundelein Illinois

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MCP is a small, warm, family oriented preschool. As a parent cooperative, our families help to run the school and are active partners with our staff to provide our children with the best possible preschool experience. We combine the latest in educational strategies and research to design a program that gives children all they need to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. Did I mention fun? Our students emerge from our program with a genuine love for learning, and an eagerness to experiment, create, observe, and desire to make sense of the world around them.

Are you looking for mid-year enrollment? New families are welcome as long as space is available, please call the school or email our director at

Did you know? Preschool children are active, concrete experiential learners who acquire information and knowledge using all of their senses. Movement is the preferred mode of learning, the more senses used in the learning process, the more the information will be retained. The brain lights up, making more connections when children are most PLAYFUL, the whole body responds, which allows for optimal learning.

Please click on the tabs at top to begin your tour, and call for more information and a pre-enrollment visit.

Our Mission is to provide a fun, nurturing preschool experience for children 3-5 years old. Our program is designed to enhance each child's individual physical, intellectual and social/emotional development through hands-on learning. The school's philosophy is based on the premise that children learn through play, engaging in activities that stimulate and motivate them, thus creating a life long love of learning. Highly trained professional personnel, along with the cooperative involvement of our parents, are key to creating our high-quality program.


Remember, while helping out in the classroom or parent aiding, is strongly encouraged, it is no longer a requirement. We know the demands of family life can make parent aiding difficult with work schedules and/or younger children. Check out our new flexible tuition rates designed to help you make the most out of your preschool experience!

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