Back to school this week! We are excited to begin the year meeting all our new friends and reconnecting with the old. This is a special time, but can also be a bit overwhelming for the children AND parents. For the children, there is so much to see, do, learn and absorb! School is very different than home. Children need lots of time to process all of the new information. Parent might notice their child sleeping and eating more. There may be more meltdowns, anxiety or stress. Children take their cues from the adults around them. If parents are feeling anxiety about the beginning of school, the child will feel it as well. Emotions can be very big to a young child. The young brain is still processing and growing. How to make the transition easier?

  • Establish good routines. Children thrive when they know what is coming up and what to expect. It is a good idea to create a routine for school nights. Pick out clothes, have your child help to pack their school bag and get shoes, jackets laid out. This will make school mornings flow much more easily.
  • Talk to your child about their day, but remember they will take time to process everything that happened. “How was your day?” will probably lead to responses like “Fine”, “We had popcorn for snack”. Instead, wait a few hours, and ask “What was in the sensory table?” What book did you read?” “Did you play with_____today?” More direct questions will lead to better answers to your question.
  • Think about your own feelings about starting school. For some, it is tough! Letting your little one go can be hard. Life is full of transitions. There will be separations when they go to Kindergarten, Junior High, High School, driving and egad! College! Trust we will take care of your little one as if they were one of our own and do your best to convey that to your child.
  • Enjoy your time. You have been hard at work raising your child since birth. Enjoy a coffee with some of the other parents in the class. Give yourself the gift of relaxing, maybe reading or napping while your little is at school.

I love this poem!

First day of School

The first day of school

Can be hard for Mum and Dad

Part of you feels excited,

The other part feels sad.

For many years you’ve held their hand,

And have always been their loving guide.

Now you know the time has come

To leave them by my side.

But it is only for a little while,

As you child will learn and grow.

And at the end of every day,

They’ll share with you all you know

So as you walk away

Don’t worry anymore.

We’ll take care of all those precious gifts

When you leave them at our door.

Author unknown