Play based learning for all the ‘3’s and 4’s’

Class Options:

*Tuesday-Thursday AM (9:00-11:30) or PM (12:30-3:00)



Our T-TH classes designed for 3s turning 4, offers endless opportunities for children to meet success every day. As a child’s first school experience, we provide an inviting environment that fosters self esteem and a genuine love of learning. Age appropriate materials and activities build a strong foundation for future learning. Circle time with music and movement is combined with dramatic play, art, building blocks, fine motor manipulatives and science and sensory areas help children grow in all areas of development. For example, reading readiness skills such as rhyming and playing with sounds, language and an awareness of math concepts such as sorting, patterning, shapes and number understanding are included in the curriculum. A sense of wonder is introduced through science units as we explore the world around us. Outside, gross motor play provides fun and positive social interactions. Our goal is to help children learn to be self-confident and independent.


Students must be 3 by September 1st in order to be enrolled in this class. Potty training should be mostly completed in order to attend. Enrollment is capped at 12 children.


Our staff and parents are top notch

Play Areas

Our classroom has a unique setup of play areas specific to the age group needs.


All teachers are highly qualified.

Play Based

Statistics show that play is one of the highest forms of learning in young children.


Our teachers know just how to run a class effectively.


All of our teachers are CPR certified and our facilities are constantly scrutinized for safety.

Classroom Facilities

Our classroom is set up to make sure that every student has a chance to play and learn.  The room is large allowing for many different types of guided play.  Manipulatives and toys abound in many different forms. We offer “loose parts”, items to add into play such as rocks, pine cones, wooden tree coins that spark creatively, and encourage children to think outside the box. Stimulating growth in each area of development is woven into each carefully selected activity and play center.

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Our Classroom

Every class at MCP is taught using a play based curriculum. This means the classroom is set up to maximize development in every area. From dress-ups, the play kitchen, sensory table, large and small motor areas, library, areas for block building, writing and creative art, you can be sure your child’s classroom is set up to meet the creative needs of your child.

Each class uses monthly or biweekly themes to keep new play opportunities at the forefront. Materials around the classroom are changed frequently. This engages the children and reflects their emergent interests in the thematic and integrated curriculum. For example, during an ocean theme there will be sand and seashells or blue tinted water complete with whale families in the sensory table. Children will sing about beluga whales, pretend to go fishing using magnets, sort shells by type and play counting games using small plastic fish.

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Outdoor Play Area

Located near the building is a large, pleasant, shaded fenced playground with climbing, sliding apparatus and small houses for creative play. There is plenty of space to run, climb and play in our large sandbox. A beautiful yard with large trees surround the playground area providing opportunities to explore nature.