Multiage PM Classes and S.T.E.A.M: Open to any child age 3-5 

We offer a multiage program, unique to MCP. This option allows you to choose your combination of days or to add on days. While your child will spend some days with children of their own age, the additional days will be in a multiage class. Educational research indicates that students benefit both academically and emotionally from being placed in multiage classrooms. Young children obviously benefit from being exposed to concepts in the more advanced curriculum. Older children benefit as well. As they teach information and skills to younger classmates, their academic performance and even IQ scores dramatically improved.   It allows them to reinforce their learning and “cement” their knowledge base. All students in multiage settings were more likely than their peers to have positive self-concepts, high self-esteem, and good attitudes toward school.

Tuesday-Thursday PM is organized as a S.T.E.A.M. class. We emphasis science, technology, engineering, the arts and math activities in addition to regular curriculum content as a fun way to further our students learning.  S.T.E.A.M. provides important inquiry based learning as a way to broaden children’s thinking skills and increase engagement. Children are natural born tinkerers who love to build, create, question and experiment!


Our staff and parents are top notch.

Play Areas

Our classroom has a unique setup of play areas specific to the age group needs.


All teachers are highly qualified.

Play Based

Statistics show that play is one of the highest forms of learning in young children.


Our teachers know just how to run a class effectively.


All of our teachers are CPR certified and our facilities are constantly scrutinized for safety.

Classroom Facilities

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Indoor Play Area

Every class at MCP is taught using a play based curriculum. This means the classroom is set up to maximize development in every area. From dress-ups, the play kitchen, sensory table, large and small motor areas, library, areas for block building, writing and creative art, you can be sure your child’s classroom is set up to meet the creative needs of your child.

Each class uses monthly or biweekly themes to keep new play opportunities at the forefront.  Materials around the classroom are changed frequently. This engages the children and reflects their emergent interests in the thematic and integrated curriculum. For example, during an ocean theme there will be sand and seashells or blue tinted water complete with whale families in the sensory table. Children will sing about beluga whales, pretend to go fishing using magnets, sort shells by type and play counting games using small plastic fish.



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Outdoor Play Area

Located near the building is a large, pleasant, shaded fenced playground with climbing, sliding apparatus and small houses for creative play. There is plenty of space to run, climb and play in our large sandbox. A beautiful yard with large trees surround the playground area providing opportunities to explore nature.