Snow has come early to our area and the children could not be more excited! Outdoor play is SO vital for young children. They need fresh air and lots of opportunities to move their bodies. We know large muscle movement plays a big role in brain development, at this age, movement and learning are closely related. Regular outdoor play helps the brain grow! In our area, winters can be harsh, we do our best to get the children out every day that we can. There are no “bad” days, just the wrong clothing for the weather. Dressed appropriately, the children can go out to play, even for a few minutes, most days. It can be the difference that helps a cooped up child reset their mood, or helps an active child get all his or her sillies out. Every day is a gift, so look at the weather as a gift too! Rather than something to avoid, make outdoor play part of every day. As I type I hear squeals of laughter coming from the playground! Make sure your child is ready for the weather, head to toe snow gear every day we have an accumulating snow., and the same gear for cold weather play. Let’s make this a winter to remember!